Vegetarian Caesar salad dressing
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Can anyone recommend a good bottled vegetarian Caesar salad dressing?

I used to love Caesar salad but every time I try a new anchovy-free version, it ends up in the trash. Making my own is, unfortunately, not a realistic option, as my culinary skills are on a level with a three year old's.
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I don't think it's really possible to get a really caesary-caesar without a fish product of some sort. So much of the flavor of a caesar dressing is from the anchovies. As far as vegetarian ones Ive tried, I really kind of like Annie's, but I have to assume you've trashed that one already, since it's the only anchovy free dressing most places have and it's not very caesary.

A three year old could totally manage to make caesar dressing. I would try replacing the anchovies in a normal caesar recipe with some dulse, or even ground nori if it's all I had. The seaweed will give that nice oceany-umami that would normally come from the anchovies.
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Trader Joe's (refrigerated) caesar dressing - low cal, no chemical after taste, good taste.
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I've recently discovered and really enjoy Briannas Homestyle Asiago Caesar Dressing. It's quite caesar-y for not having anchovies!
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Follow Your Heart makes a tasty near-Caesar. I'm not a vegetarian, but I go out of my way for it.
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