Candy coated diamonds?
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Honey M&M-type candies? Does this sound familiar to you?

My girlfriend is trying to find a candy she tried several years ago. It was given to her by an acquaintance from Colorado. According to her (my gf), the candy was similar to m&ms, but the filling was honey or honey-flavored instead of chocolate. If it helps, it seems it was packaged similarly to m&ms as well, so the candies were not individually-wrapped or anything. Honey-filled candy that it's NOT (which is all I can seem to find) - (1) Honees, (2) Hard candy lozenges filled with honey, (3) Bit-o-Honey, (4) M&Ms. I can't seem to find anything remotely similar after hours of searching the internets. I've even combed through several candy-oriented blogs (who knew??). My only hope is that someone here has eaten this candy before and knows what it's called. So, fellow candy-eatin' MeFites, help me track down this candy!
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The closest thing I could find was this: Honey Chocolate Mints. honey coated in chocolate.

Hmmm.... will keep checking. It could be from outside the US also and that might be throwing off the search.

I'd also try contacting huge candy warehouses - they're pretty knowledgeable and if they don't know, they could possibly direct you to someone who might:

Candy Crate
Candy Warehouse
Hometown Favorites
Nostalgic Candy
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Check here.
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Are you talking about Dulce de Leche M&Ms (note: that review's from 2002, and the M&Ms kinda flopped, so no they're not everywhere)?

They tasted a bit like honey (that's the dulce de leche part), and they were released on some kind of trial basis in whatever communities M&M considered 'Hispanic during the early 2000s.'
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On preview: you say they weren't M&Ms.....hmm. Well, maybe they'll be something to jog her memory!
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All good responses so far. I'm going to leave the thread open for a little while longer in hopes that someone will definitively identify the candy. If not, everyone will get a big green checkmark for effort :)
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I guess it will remain eternally a mystery. Alas.
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