Why won't my Palm Z22 connect to a computer anymore?
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My Palm Z22 no longer syncs to my computer. This problem just appeared outta nowhere. I tried different cords, reinstalling the desktop, hard reset, and switching computers. No luck. Any ideas?
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Check the pins on the bottom of the z22, see if there is anything blocking or covering them. A pencil eraser might help clean the contacts if they got messy.
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seconding a physical issue with the connector. My ancient palm started charging intermittently recently, and needed a clean of the pins.
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I revived mine by cleaning the pins with alcohol.
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Every now and then I have to uninstall and reinstall the Palm software on my PC. It just stops connecting, and a reinstall repairs it. (The "repair" feature of the software doesn't.) All the Palm apps and data are undisturbed and work normally after reinstalling the desktop, without affecting the Palm at all. I think the cause is some other Windows app grabbing the USB conduit, but haven't pinned it down to a specific action or event.
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I recently ran into this problem with my NX70 (right before I accidentally bricked it with a glass of water).

It's running some older Palm software with an ad-hoc USB "patch," right? I ended up only being able to sync/connect to the device if I put it in the cradle, and rebooted, and synced immediately after the computer has finished reboot. Taking it off the cradle and putting it back on - wouldn't connect.
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