A child stuck in time
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Young adult novel filter: A child visits a place (house? castle? other world?) and gets stuck in time there. Eventually he goes back and visits his parents, who are horrified that he has stayed the same age.

If I remember correctly, every day there is a year in the real world (but it could've been every week there is a year or something like that). When he goes back, his parents think it is some kind of sick joke (since they have aged many years and he appears the same age).

I read it around 6th grade, I think, so it should be around that level.
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Best answer: It's The Thief of Always by Clive Barker. I think he also drew the occasional pictures in the book, too. I loved this book in the sixth grade, too! I bought it from the Scholastic Book club because I recognized Clive Barker's name from the Hellraiser movies.
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No, Singularity is backwards — one of a set of twins forced himself to stay in a cabin where time passes about a thousand times faster than it does on the outside. He emerges a year older than his twin.

Yeah, it's Barker.
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YES, love this book. I came in here all giddified to post the answer, alas we have too many cool people on MeFi. =)
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Reminds me of Flight of the Navigator.
What a great flick.
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Singularity is also a great book, though. Really interesting concept, and well done. I read it in seventh grade, and then searched and searched until I found it and reread it the year after I graduated high school. While it's not the one you're looking for, it comes highly recommended.
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There's a comic version of Thief of Always now, if you're interested. (In fact, wanna buy it from me :)?)
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