Batch Facebook Events Upload?
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How do I generate events for a Facebook page from our database?

I'm having a hard time finding any tools that can do this, or allow me to import data in large batches. We have about three events a week to put up with four months of data ready, and would prefer not to do it all by hand.
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Post here if you find anything, I read through their API docs, and there is nothing in there.

A form submission properly crafted with some account credentials was all I could come up with.
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Best answer: We tried to do this and were unsuccessful. We found Facebook basically impossible to work with. That was more than a year ago, so things might be different now, but we had no luck.

The half-measure solution we came up with was to have the database publish to our website, and then post the event page as a posted item on FB. For really important events, we create our events from by hand.
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Sorry, I don't know of anything. I think they're generally tight on batch-upload of stuff that would incur a db storage cost to them. Which makes some sense at their size.
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Response by poster: I've suspected as much from my own investigation but figured it was worth double checking.
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