Installing Direct X for XP
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Can anyone help me install Dirext X on my Windows PC laptop?

I've been trying to install Direct X 9 on my Windows PC laptop and it's not working. I download the 20 kb file to the desktop which is supposed to link up to the internet to download the real file and it doesn't connect properly.

Is there a link to the actual Direct X 9 which I can install?

I've installed this one and it's not enough to play the game.

I can't get this one to install.

Could I run this game on a Mac if I bought Boot Camp? In other words, does Boot Camp come with Direct X 9?

Thanks so much for anyone who has the patience to waddle through this.
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Boot Camp doesn't "come" with anything. You'd still need an XP/whatever OS install.

What do you mean by "not enough"? What game are you trying to play and what is the error message you are getting?

What error message do you get when you try the DL from
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- This application could not be loaded because dx3dx9_3S.dll could not be found. Reinstallation might solve the problem.
- Could not load dynamic library RenderSystem_Direct3D9
Module could not be found.

The Download from Microsoft can't connect to the internet. My laptop's internet only works with Firefox and not Internet Explorer for reasons unbeknownst to me and so the internet connection is always dodgy with these things.

If there was a direct link download of that real file then I could download it via Firefox.
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It looks like these guys have some way of creating a link that bounces you directly to downloading the full redist:

Also, if you bought this game on CD it probably has a version of DX on there as well.
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I can't get that software to connect to the internet either. Thanks for your help though.
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Given the internet issues you're having, I think it would be a good idea to run some antivirus / antispyware on your machine to make sure theres not some piece of malware messing with your connection.
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Yeah, sounds like your machine is FUBARed. You need to follow JJB's advice... honestly, if you have a copy of the OS lying around I would back up your files and reinstall.
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Oh I know this baby is toast! I just thought there was a chance to get the Direct X installed somehow (I've already been told that the hard drive is corrupted).

Thanks anyway.
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I've already been told that the hard drive is corrupted

Hard drives dont just become corrupt for no reason. There's a good chance that the drive itself is failing. I would first run something like HDTune to verify its still good. If you have a lot of bad sectors then throw the drive away and buy a new one.
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Most game CD/DVDs have full DirectX installers on them, try to install from one of those.

After reinstalling windows, of course, if it really is that screwed.
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