We moved to Syracuse. Now what?
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Syracuse Filter: Ms. Activitystory & I recently moved to the 'cuse from Brooklyn and have some questions about making our own good times here.

We've found a few somewhat fun bars for trivia and sports watching, but not to the degree we've become accustomed. We've come to understand that there is no indie rock scene here. Fine. What we really want to do is host a multimedia-trivia-pop-culture game show, preferably at a bar. The question is, where, around here, has the appropriate facilities and a willingness to try something new? We've been visiting places around campus (which we live quite close to) with an eye out for projectors, screens, and PA systems, but have had little luck.

We'd also be interested in learning about trivia/comedy/film/freeform nights and other interactive activities at local places, or basically anything fun that happens once the sun goes down and everything freezes. For context, we're both librarians, music geeks, into movies, and rabid (real-world) game players.
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For the indie rock scene, you should check out other colleges in upstate New York. Within an hour or so of Syracuse, you can be in Ithaca, Binghamton, Rochester, and plenty of other college towns that have tons of indie rock special visits.

And of course there's always Dinosaur Barbecue, and Turning Stone if you're into gambling.
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Best answer: For instance, the State Theatre in Ithaca has Stars in February, and Neko Case in April.
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Best answer: Assault City Roller Derby

(We're playing them in May)
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