Who's the man behind the voice?
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Does narrator Peter Thomas have a face?

I'm a big fan of narrator Peter Thomas, who has done things for CourtTV (TruTV) and also voices the AED I used in a training class. It'd be interesting to put a face to the name & voice, but I can't seem to find any pix on the innernets. Any ideas?
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Here (via).
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There's another picture of him accompanying this article.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all! Don't know why I couldn't google my way own through this one...
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Related - I contacted his agent years ago (I can't find the email) about having him do some voicework for me. Of course the rate was something crazy like +$500 for two sentences or something like that. And that was around 2000 when Forensic Files was still Medical Detectives.
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