Online Glasses with Prism?
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Do any websites that sell glasses offer ones with prisms?

So I've heard about places online that sell glasses, and really want to order some because I need a cheap pair to act as a backup. I'd also like to order prescription sunglasses, if possible.

The problem is that my prescription requires a prism, and my eyeglass place has told me that most online places can't do that. I'm not sure if they're right, or just trying to get me to buy my glasses through them.

So, does anyone know of a place I can get some glasses that will work with my prescription?
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Goggles4u, which is one of the sites I've used (although I don't have prism issues), says "If you have prism, please write it in the instruction box of the cart or email the details to us just after placing order. "
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Try searching the GlassyEyes blog and forums. A quick search seems to indicate that 39 Dollar Glasses will do prisms.
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I have prisms in both of my lenses, and when I get new glasses sometimes one (or both) of the lenses has to be adjusted ever so slightly in the frame so that the prisms are at just the right angle. This is the main reason I've avoided online eyeglass stores thus far, though the prospect is tempting, as my last pair of glasses cost me just over $700.
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