Best Shaving Cream?
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I love the moisturizing qualities and close shave I get from Kiehl’s White Eagle Shave Cream, but miss the lather of something more conventional (one slathers a thin layer of the Kiehl’s on like cold cream). What shaving cream puts it all together?

Aside: I am not looking for a badger brush-based solution.
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Kiss My Face

That's a brand, not a proposition.
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Aveeno is good; I usually use a shaving cream with a brush, but if I'm short on time or traveling, I will use Aveeno. Rite-Aid has a store brand that's a good copy of it, and it's much cheaper. Neutrogena also has a men's shaving gel that is pretty good.
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Before I went to badger brush, I used Kiss My Face. I still think it's the second best thing.

(Maybe I'm completely utilitarian, but if you're getting a close, moisterizing shave, what does the lather matter?)
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Art of Shaving soap can be used with either a badger brush or without. It does a great job of lubricating and also makes a nice, frothy lather. I concur with ObsureReferenceMan on this one.
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I've lately been a fan of Tom's of Maine Natural Conditioning shave cream. I use it with a brush, though the directions on the package just say to lather with your hands. It makes a nice thick lather that lasts a good while. I use the mint variety, which I find to be nicely cooling/soothing.

I used to use the Kiehl's stuff, but I feel like I get a closer shave with the Tom's cream.
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have you tried using the two different things at once? sometimes when i shave my legs i will put a layer of hair conditioner on them first (presumably its about the same consistency as the stuff you use) then i put a layer of regular shaving cream right on top of it. i swear it makes things softer and less irritated.
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I'm a long time user of the Body Shop stuff and it sounds like it combines the two requirements you have.
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I'm a fan of Kiehl's blue eagle, and of Kiss My Face, though most of the time, I also am a badger brush guy.

But, I experiemented a lot before finding what I liked. and I can tell you that L'Occitane Cade fits your descripton, with the skin-loving properties of the Kiehl's, and a more traditional lather -- with or without a brush. It has a lovely juniper-based scent, too.

Green Proraso
too, but that's menthol-spiked (as is the Blue Eagle), so it's not for everyone.
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Oh wait... White Eagle is the Kiehl's menthol-spiked one. In that case, you'll probably like the green proraso.
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L'Occitane en Provence makes really, really remarkable shave creams. Their shea butter cream is some of the best I have ever used, and is worth every penny and then some. Not only does it shave closer and leave me more moisturized, but everybody *loves* the light scent, and it's easier on my razor blades since it rinses so cleanly.

Currently, I am trying their lavender gel. It's also very nice, and much more lathery, though I do think I like the shea butter better.
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On (failure to) preview, what toxic said.
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Seconding the green Proraso cream in the tube (the one in the green cups needs a brush); even better with their pre & after shave cream (100ml glass jar, lasts forever).

on preview: f*ck me, I didn't realize how many proraso users there are in the world, and how much the stuff costs in the US, is it really considered a "gourmet" shaving product?
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In the US, the CO Bigelow product in a green metal tube is the same Proraso as _dario is talking about. It's sold at Bath and Body Works, and I believe it's $10 or $12 a tube. The label on the box says that it's made by Proraso for CO Bigelow.
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