Donnie Darko + Alyssa Milano
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The IMDB entry for Donnie Darko says: "The script initially called for Donnie's fantasies to be about Alyssa Milano. This had to be changed however when Richard Kelly was denied the legal rights to reference her in this manner." Does anyone know what laws are operating in this situation?
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competing arguments: misappropriation of a public likeness vs. no expectation to privacy as a public figure.
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I always thought that, especially in writing, you can reference anyone you like as long as you don't portray them out of character. For example, you can have Jack Nicholson eating dinner in a restaurant that one of your characters visits. You just can't portray Nicholson as, say, hitting on his teenaged waitress. Um ...

Oh well. Milano's no great loss from Darko. She looks ... conspicuously implanted these days, anyway. A bit too silicone. What b1tr0t said: it was probably just respect for Milano's wishes, not an actual prohibiting law.
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Alyssa's mother, Lin, has done a lot legal-wise to "protect" her daughter's image (mostly on the internet) - check google. So I can see why the makers of a non-big budget movie wouldn't want to get involve with her.

I think the commentary on the DVD also talks about all the hoops they had to go through to get permission to use the Smurf references.
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I think gluechunk hit it. Though they probably could have gotten away with it legally, they weren't financially lucid enough to take the chance.
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This is a very general overview of rights of publicity.
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You can't reference a product, person,anything without permission. That's why Tarantino invented Apple cigarrettes, etc.
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I have no idea idea who Alyssa Milano is - even after checking IMDB. What was she famous for in 1988?

BTW, if anyone's curious in seeing The Director's Cut of Darko - don't bother.
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dodgy, at that time she was mostly known for being in the tv show Who's the Boss?.

also, here's a brief article she wrote about
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Ah yes, I've heard of that. Cheers
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Alyssa Milano - or her mother, as gluechunk says - has been very active in the protection of her image since some soft-porn clips of her appeared on the net filmed pre-Charmed and whatever else she's been famous for... I remember her lawyers trying to get sites to take the clips down - because calling attention to something like that is always a good strategy to take.
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dodgy, at that time she was mostly known for being in the tv show Who's the Boss?.

She also did the Elizabeth Berkely thing: she was a child star that America watched grow up, then when she turned legal she did a little nudity and let a female vampire fondle her breasts in the film Embrace of the Vampire. People had been salivating for her to do nudity the way so many people are counting down the days for the Olson twins now, and if you look at Milano's filmography you can tell her career needed the boost.
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Bit of trivia here - Milano's 12-year-old brother tried Googling her name once and saw a whole lot more of Big Sis than he had bargained for. The worst thing he found was a picture of her nine-year-old face pasted onto a nine-year-old girl's naked body. After that, I can't blame her for making the effort to control how and where her image is used.
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