Help me get to Killington tonight, tonight!
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How should I drive to Killington, VT from Ridgefield CT tonight? Given the holiday and rush hour, what route will take the least time?

Heading up to Killington, Vt. for a weekend trip (yeah, I know it's MLK weekend.) Leaving Ridgefield, Ct. at 4pm.

Google Maps says take Rte. 7 all the way up through Rutland, which is fewer miles, and the route I'd take if I wanted a leisurely drive. I don't, as I need to meet some people tonight.

Despite Google Maps' advice I almost always make better time taking 84 to I-91 all the way up to Chester (using posted speed limits as a suggestion.) BUT, leaving when I am means possibly getting stuck in rush hour and holiday traffic in Danbury, Waterbury, Hartford and maybe even Springfield?

I'm stuck. Please help me decide! Does anybody have any experience with either route on a holiday weekend around this time?
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Best answer: I think the 84-91 route will do you well. The traffic won't be bad enough to make you travel slower than you would on 7. I'm not sure how far away you are from it, but if you're worried about 84, you might have luck on the Merritt. (I am from Vermont, I am not from Connecticut.) The one thing that might get you is 103 from Bellows falls through Chester to Ludlow (I assume you go that way and pick up 100 in Ludlow). It is a two-lane highway through various towns that might be backed up depending on weahter (the Proctorsville Gulf is an especially bad back-up area). I'm not sure, but cruising up 91 all the way to 89 and attaching Killington from the NE might be better. Or not. I am not a doctor.
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What "holiday"? You're in Ridgefield, CT - not Atlanta.
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Response by poster: >What "holiday"? You're in Ridgefield, CT - not Atlanta.

The whole Northeast goes skiing MLK weekend.
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Best answer: 91 is never very bad. 84 is hit or miss-- always slow around Waterbury and Hartford, but only for a couple of miles each. The thing about the Merritt is that when it's great, it's great, but when it's bad, it's really, really bad -- because it's a 2-lane highway that's very twisty. I'd do 84 to 91 and limit the time on the smaller highways (7, etc.).
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Response by poster: 'Kay gang, it's settled. It's gonna be 84 to 91.

I'll report back Sunday/Monday and tell you how it went. Thanks!
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You could try 84 to 691 to 91. You'd still have to go through Hartford, but it would take you out of the New Britain/West Hartfordy traffic. I've had luck with that before.
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>What "holiday"? You're in Ridgefield, CT - not Atlanta.

The whole Northeast goes skiing MLK weekend.

I think it is just a Connecticut thing. I was in Glenville and Pemberwick a few hours ago and there was no sign of life anywhere. Like the whole area had been abandoned. I crossed the border into NYS and there were signs of inhabitants.
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Response by poster: Follow-up: Left Ridgefield at 4pm, no traffic at all on 84 until nearing Hartford, and just a blip there and in Springfield on 91. Got to Killington by 8pm, about 20 minutes faster than Google said we would with that route.

Thanks again, all!
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