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Scrum Master Training and Certification. Worth it?
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The course I took was pretty helpful given I had no prior Agile experience and we were starting a big project with it. Things like storypointing and time breakdowns are easier to learn in a training session than they are from a book, given that a lot of the trick is about managing interpersonal dynamics.

If you mean "I don't have a particular need for it but I am interested in the subject" or "but I would like to get a job and thought this might be helpful" then no, like most technical certs a course isn't going to be considered a substitute for actual experience. If that's the situation then save your money and just buy a book to learn the lingo.

If you mean "We are using scrum right now and it's not going well and I'd like it to go better" then yeah, potentially it's a good idea.
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Grab the Poppendieck books and look for their videos on youtube. If your employer offers to send you to training, then go for it.

Scrum is deeply about what works in your situation, so any training or education is just a starting point. You need lots of practice too.
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