You'll Have to Go Sideways
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Please help me find a "sideways" PC case like this one.

I've become somewhat enamored with this PC case. Specifically, I like how the media drive bays are on the side of the case- this would be ideal for where I want to use the PC. (the PC will be used as a gaming / home theater PC, and the orientation would compliment my tv nicely) However, this case is a little more than I'm looking for in both price and features. Are there other smaller and less expensive cases which have this sideways orientation? I've consulted the Google, but I'm at a loss on what to call this particular layout.

Bonus points if the case is devoid of lights, windows, and other superfluous "bling"
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Lian Li makes some like that. There's this one, but it's microATX if that matters to you.
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