Watch Obama inauguration on the internet?
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Where can I watch the Obama Inauguration ceremony (from start to finish) streaming live on the internet?

Need a site that won't unexpectedly crash - it will be projected from a laptop for a public screening. Thanks!
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My guess is will probably show it. Their live video service has been good enough for us to project it on various occasions (election night, debates, primary results).
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Best answer: It looks like both C-SPAN and BBC are streaming live. There's no guarantee that any site, or even your internet connection itself will not crash under the expected interest of this inaugural.

Assuming you're in the U.S., it might be wiser to try to pick up the signal over the air, let's say from PBS, and project it. Depending on where you are, if you already have a projector it might be as easy as borrowing somebody's DTV converter box, rabbit ear antenna and a couple of cables, and Bob's your uncle! If you're anywhere around southern Maine I'd be happy to lend you mine.
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I tried watching Chu's confirmation hearing yesterday on C-Span, and the quality was terrible and it barely even streamed at all at times (lots of refreshes as it lost its host, or whatever).

And, just another plug for msnbc; I doubt many media companies have the bandwidth and server power that they have (at least that would be streaming), so I doubt they'll be the first site to go down under massive traffic.
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Need a site that won't unexpectedly crash

That's a hard thing to predict, especially for such a momentous occasion. It would be better to have a plan in place for when things do crash.

And why not use the televised broadcast? TVs don't crash.
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My guess is will probably show it.

In addition to C-SPAN, BBC and MSNBC you can watch online at ABC News, AP, CBS News, FOX, New York Times and USA Today. "The Hispanic-focused outlet Terra will show both Spanish and English webcasts of the proceedings. Joost will be live-streaming CBS’ feed for its users. Check here for hyperlinks to each of these streaming sources.

BTW -- others who can "step out" that day can watch the inauguration in 27 movie theaters for free. Apply for tickets here.
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"Another interesting only-on-the-web way to watch is through P2P application Livestation, where you can switch between a variety of international perspectives on the inauguration, including Al Jazeera English, the BBC World News, C-SPAN, euronews, and France 24."

"Viewers can also use Livestation chat to talk to other viewers and programme producers."
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Joost will stream it live, too, apparently. Supposedly plays nice with Boxee, too.
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Thanks for asking this; you saved me a question! I discussed this with a friend today, and was reminded that radio doesn't crash, and is a nice way to experience big events.
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Response by poster: Thanks!
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I just read that will be streaming it as well.
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I know this is a long shot, but anyone know of a place that might be streaming it in Ogg Vorbis? I checked Democracy Now already, and it doesn't look like they will be doing live streaming (and if they do it might still not be in Ogg).
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Here's a big (if not the biggest) list of Obama Inauguration Streams.

There's a lot of choice there but I recommend just going with first C-Span one and hitting the full screen button.

The Hulu one (3rd video down) will also be a good one but is only available within the U.S.
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