Where have my rectangles gone?
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I have a problem with VisionEgg1.1 and Rectangle3D on a Mac with OS 10.5. Please help!

I have code written in python that creates rectangles (amongst other things) using VisionEgg's Rectangle3D. The code works perfectly on my laptop with OS 10.4 with python 2.4.4 and VisionEgg 1.0, however, when I copied the code onto the desktop, which is OS 10.5, python 2.5, and VisionEgg 1.1, everything works perfectly, except for the rectangles, which don't show up at all. I can't find any reason for this, and nothing I could find on the internet suggests that that this is a common problem. I have already tried installing older versions of python and VisionEgg but it is impossible. Anyone have any clue what might be going on here? My sanity thanks you!
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Just a shot in the dark. I've never heard of Rectangle 3D but maybe on the new machine someone has set a view option that's filtering out the objects you've just created (ie.-not showing nurbs or some such thing?)
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Response by poster: Rectangle3D is part of the VisionEgg.MoreStimuli package along with Target2D. However, I don't know that it's a view option as it does show all the circles I created via another, homegrown program. I'll check.
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A somewhat risky option: Upgrade python on your old laptop and see if the problem occurs. If it doesn't upgrade VisionEgg too. If the problem still doesn't happen, it's probably a 10.5 issue. The downside is then you risk messing up your one working system.

You don't say if you are using the standard python or one of the packages from fink or macports. This would be helpful.

Does VisionEgg require you to run the X11 server? If it does, you can upgrade X11 independently of the OS (google XQuartz). This might also help.

Wish I could be more help but I am not familiar with VisionEgg.
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Response by poster: Yeah, can't do that risky option. I have to run this experiment and I have to have 1 computer in the lab that can do it, and right now, that's the laptop.

The desktop - 10.5 machine has the standard python that came with the OS, with some additional libraries added in (pygame, PIL, PyObjC), the laptop has a downloaded package, which came from who knows where as it's been on this computer for a long time.

I believe VisionEgg requires the X11 stuff, along with the xcode stuff, which was put on both from the disks that came with each respective computer.

I'll see about upgrading X11. I knew that this question was a bit of a long shot, but I am desperate.
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