Bollywood action movie recommendations and Amitabh Bachchan
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In Slumdog Millionaire, we were shown a bunch of Amitabh Bachchan clips from some of his older moveis. What were they? - I'd like to hear your other Bollywood action movie recommendations too!

There was one clip he was threatening someone with his own prosthetic leg. WTF? That looks AWESOME!

I'm also looking for recommendations of any action movies from India that are just plain awesome. Guy movies. Action and explosions, martial arts and cheese.
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IMDB lists these movie references.
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Best answer: Don is included, but the equally excellent Sholay is there as well (Amitabh hopping around on a train). You cannot go wrong with either of these films...

Also, my favorite "What the ...?" Indian action film is Abhay - this film features the bad guy hallucinating a fight with a seven foot tall Ronald McDonald.

I've bought all of these films on dvd for around $5.00 each at IndiaPlaza several years ago - availability and price may have changed. You have to browse to find the discs - the site's search feature sucks.
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Actually, just browsed the site and found Don available for $4.50 plus shipping. This is best dvd available for the film...
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Response by poster: Thank you!
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Best answer: Coolie is a classic. He's a porter who fights against the man and gets the girl.
He's completely bad-ass in Kaalia.
Satte Pe Satta is an interesting interpretation of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.
And Sholay - of course - but that's already been mentioned.
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