Are there any Lotus or Outlook clones I could synchronise with my Nokia 6820?
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Open Source / free software:
My new Nokia 6820 comes with software called PC Suite 6.4 which can synchronise with either Lotus Notes or Organizer (v. 5 or 6), or with MS Outlook (98, 2000, 2002 & 2003). It also will transfer info to the Outlook Express - but not Calendar info, only Windows Address Book. This latter I don't want to use, and anyway won't do what I want, which is transfer calendar info.

I'm not about to buy Outlook, Notes* or Organizer (unless I can get it for free!), so...anyone know of Lotus or Outlook clones/compatible progs I might try? Thanks.

*Apparently Notes is incompatible with XP Home as well.
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Re: Notes - it's not officially supported, but I've seen it work on XP Home.

Try Thunderbird, maybe?
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