Help my printer with its issues
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Printer will no longer print, wirelessly or not.

At home I have an HP Photosmart D7400 which I use for USB printing from my desktop and wireless network printing. Recently the printer has refused to print anything from anywhere (Notepad, Word, FF, etc.) and the Windows Printer manager dialogue says it's printing, then it gives an error. There is no extended information it just says "Printing-Error". I've tried googling this to a large extent, but I'm pressed for time now, and I was hoping the AskMe community could help.

Would reinstalling the printer software fix this issue, or is it something else?

(The only reason I haven't done the reinstall is that I'm away at University right now, and the printer is at home. It's not a terrible distance for me to go home, but I would like to have a solid idea about the issue before I try to fix it. This is beyond the scope of my parent's computer abilities to fix.)

The laptop is running Vista SP1 and the desktop is running XP Home SP3, if that helps.
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Have mom and dad unplug the printer, delete the printer from the printer control panel and then plug it back in again.
posted by k8t at 11:41 AM on January 11, 2009

second that - could be a driver issue. reinstalling doesn't take very long and may solve the issue. oh, and do a virus scan.
posted by Davaal at 1:24 PM on January 11, 2009

Thanks for the help, it's working now.
posted by WilliamWallace at 8:45 AM on January 14, 2009

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