Help with Open Office Impress?
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Using Open Office Impress...need a little help with making a navigation bar. I have all the slides ready, just can't figure out how to add a visible nav bar with the usual buttons or arrows ie: First, Previous, Next, and Last. I can make it so that when anyone clicks, the next slide appears, but I would like to dress it up a bit if possible. BONUS : Understand that I've never used this, or PP before...and I'm kinda dumb.
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Best answer: The visible nav bar is part of PowerPoint, not the slide show itself. I'm not sure that Impress offers the same feature.
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Response by poster: That might explain why I can't find, if the user has PP, then the nav bar will show by default, if I save it as a PP file?
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Best answer: I don't know the answer, but if you're looking for something to try, do this:

1. Save the file as a PP file.
2. Download the Powerpoint Viewer and install it.
3. Run the show and see what you get.
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Response by poster: A followup :
After a couple of hours of playing around with the program, I discovered that if text or an image is selected , you will notice an icon (Interaction) on the Drawing Bar becomes active. You can use this tool to navigate, link to the web, or a number of other options. Thanks for your help.
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