Worth the trouble to try to sell my car piecemeal?
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[Posted for a friend:] I posted this a while back. Today I was talking with someone about the car, and he offered me $400 for it. He's coming back by on Monday. Quick recap: it's a high mileage 97 Hyundai Sonata with a busted transmission.

I could try to sell the car piecemeal and might end up getting more money if I did it that way (everything but the transmission is mechanically sound, the tires are new-ish, the radio is new, etc.), but who knows how long that would take. I'm thinking that it's not worth the hassle but I don't know for sure. I'd appreciate some additional perspective.
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As you sell the car, piece by piece, it'll look more and more like a junker. Do you mind keeping a disintegrating car in your driveway for several months? I'd be surprised if someone who isn't a professional junker could get much more than $400 by selling piecemeal. Take the money.
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For $400, I'd certainly just get shot of it, personally. The extra hassle, phone calls, mess, piece of disintegrating crap in my drive would be worth the loss.

Yes, you'd get more breaking it up. That's why the guy wants it. But it's a hassle doing it with one car, and only really worth the effort if its ongoing. I'd shift it, if it were me. I had a 1991 Crown Vic that I probably could have got $500 for if I'd taken this route, but I ended up scrapping it for $100, as when I weighed up the difficulties, life is simply too short and my time is too valuable (according to my own consideration of its value, of course!)
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I'd take the $400 and consider it a good deal. Last time I junked a car that was high-mileage and had a working transmission I got significantly less than that.
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"I'm thinking that it's not worth the hassle" You're right! Grab the money!
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Take the money and run!

Even if you could get say $800 for it -- the time and headache of splitting it up; having the carcass in your yard, etc will surely make you wish you sold it for $400.
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This is a no-brainer. Take the four hundred bucks. Try not to cackle as he hands the money over.
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I'm sensing a consensus here...

Thanks for putting my fears to rest.
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