The lost book....
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ShotInTheDark filter: Trying to find an old book about furniture from the 70s (?). It had big glossy photos of colorful bunk beds for kids and at the end of the book had a few pages of a huge outdoor basketball court. I haven't seen this book since I was little, and would like to find it again.

I know it's a pretty vague description, but like I said it's been a long time since I've seen it.
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Best answer: Any chance it's a Sunset book? They do/did a lot of big-photo home improvement idea books. We had one growing up that sounds pretty familiar, probably still do at home. If I can dredge up more I'll let you know.
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Response by poster: I'm pretty sure it was a hardcover book. I wish I could describe it in more detail... There were lots of bright colors and kids rooms with giant fake crayons, the bunkbeds were made with a built in slide, walls were painted to look like gardens, etc...

Thanks for the sunset suggestion though :)
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Best answer: I think know the book you're talking about, and I believe wemayfreeze is right, though I remember our copy being hardbound, too. Search for "Sunset Ideas for Children's Rooms and Play Yards". Does this jog your memory at all?
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Response by poster: Oh my God you found it! You were both right (sorry wemayfreeze!) thank you so much! It brings back so many memories....


The Hive Mind never ceases to amaze me.
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That flickr set is great, thanks sportbucket! I remember the book particularly well because my cousin is in one of the photos. Not one that's in the set, alas.
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