I don't know why, but I really want to see this ad again
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Can you help me find a specific Wendy's commercial? (Not the banned one, and certainly not the "where's the beef" one.)

A couple of years ago, Wendy's ran a commercial of a bunch of office workers standing around while someone hands out the lunches they bought at Wendy's. The gist of the commercial is that one of the guys tries to float a new tagline or possibly nickname for himself by yelling out "Spi-cy!!" After gamely asking him to try it again, a fellow unimpressed employee tells him: "still terrible."

I've searched Google and YouTube with the search terms "Wendy's" + "spicy" + "still terrible" and other combos with no success. Anyone have any idea where I can find this one?
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Best answer: You're thinking of Burger King, probably. This one?
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Response by poster: I suppose that says something about advertising that I misremembered a favorite commercial as belonging to a competing fast-food chain? Anyway, thanks a million.
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Yes, it's the "I'm Spicy" BK ones. Fun fact: Joel McHale is the irritated fellow employee.
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"Banned" Wendy's commercial.
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