Algebra tutor for placement test in the LA area
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I have a friend who is looking for an algebra tutor in the Los Angeles area. Anyone have experience with one or know how to find one?

She needs to know what to expect in terms of price and recommendations on how to find someone.

From my friend:

I'm looking for someone who can basically work with me for a couple of
days a week for few weeks to do a quick review of college algebra. I
was doing trig and calculus in high school, so it's not like I'm bad
with math -- it's just that high school was almost 15 years ago and
I'm really, really rusty.
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I was a math grader in college. The math department received this sort of request all the time - usually it was high school kids looking for a tutor but if she's willing to meet in a busy place I can't see why this wouldn't be kosker. I'd suggest calling up the department secretary at her closest university.
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Craigslist has a section for things like this. She might be well-served to check that out and see if something there fits (might be a way to get a convenient location too).

As a side note, "college algebra" is kind of a weird combination of words. Is she talking about basic algebra or something more complex like linear algebra? If it is only basic algebra, she could probably try to find the closest high school and look there.

Hell, if there is money or booze involved, I might be willing to do it myself.
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I'm signed up to tutor through I've never been contacted and asked to help, but it seems like a reputable enough site. You'll have to see what's available in your area.
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I'm in Boston, but ditto with Craigslist. Last summer, I was looking for a tutor to give me a guide through some calculus topics I was interested in, and there were a TON of folks on CL. I found somebody who was a grad student at NYU and he was great, and charged $40 an hour, which I think is pretty cheap, personally.
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