90 per cent of Toronto is dancing salsa
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Toronto: What are some classes/regular activities you've done in Toronto that you've loved? (No salsa please.)

My partner and I are looking for something awesomely fun to eat up between one and two nights per week (or more if super awesome). We've already done a level of salsa and we're looking for something new. Most listing sites that I've found are choked with thousands of ads for salsa and how to make millions in real estate (go back in time?).

What would you recommend?

P.S. Please don't ask what we're interested in because our goal is to get interested in something we've never thought of!
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You could take classes on developing black and white film at Gallery 44.

You can also take classes at the AGO.
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There's a really big, active photo club: the Toronto Photography Meet-up Group. Membership is free and it's pretty casual/friendly (i.e., open to beginners and pros alike).

George Brown College recently opened The Chefs' House, where they teach weekend classes to the public. I haven't taken one, but they sound fun.
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Toronto District School board runs various classes for adults - here's the Winter 2009 flyer (PDF). Spring registration isn't until mid-Febrary. They all seem just as tame as you'd expect, but they're inexpensive.
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Ok, I spoke too soon... they're not all tame:
Intro to Shamanism Workshop

Description: Learn hands on in the 1 day workshop about world shamanism, its history, benefits and its relevance to modern life. Topics covered: drumming and rattling to induce trance state, journey to the lower and upper world, calling in the four directions and elements, raising power/energy, meeting your power animal, meeting your guide, connecting to nature spirits, various shamanic rituals and more. Please bring: a blanket or mat, a blindfold or scar; any drums, rattles or bells you have; a lunch and snacks (material costs: $20 - optional)
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UE? fun, athletic, see new places, a little thrill. (and lots of places are 100% legal to see and document, like the ghost tunnel in st catherines)

UE explained

UE resource
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I run a great 1-2 home poker game 2 nights a week with free food, booze and a topless waitress. Seriously.

or take a sommelier course and learn about wines.
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The Browsers Den at Eglington and Bathurst has Beginners Magic Lessons for adults starting shortly
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Great answers so far -- thanks everyone!

Including toplessness in your suggestion gets you bonus points.
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I haven't been to one, but I have a bunch of friends that really enjoy the tuesday drum circle. In the summer it happens in Trinity Bellwods park, and it seems to have moved indoors for the winter.
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If you've ever wanted to learn how to knit, check out the Knit Cafe. They have free courses throughout the week (check out the course calendar on the main page).

My wife and I have done the Muddy York Walking Tour which is a haunted tour of downtown Toronto. Interesting way to learn some Toronto history.

Both the AGO and ROM have free nights (Wed. for the AGO, and Friday for the ROM). Always fun to go and check out a new area casually without having to rush it all in to get your money's worth.

Just walking along Queen St. W between Bathurst and Ossington gets you in front of numerous galleries (as well as the Drake and Gladstone hotels), small restaurants and pubs and there always seems to be something going on.

If you're into skating, the city has a list of outdoor arenas that are generally free and open to the public.

A quick Google search brings up a number of volunteer opportunities. Here's a few:
Toronto Public Library
Toronto Rehab
City of Toronto Volunteer listings
Big Brother/Big Sisters of Toronto
Toronto Distress Centre

Visit a local blood donor clinic.

The Revue has a 5 films for $25 deal. Here's what's playing.

I've had luck using the events locator on but some are a bit dodgy (anyone else remember when toronto.com used to the go to place?). Now magasine and Eye have events listings as well.

As an aside: Argh.. living across from High Park has forever pitted me against drum circles. I'm sure their fun, but you can only listen to the same incessant beating of drums for so long.
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If you like improv, there are quite a few weekly shows happening. My personal favourite is Catch23 -- three teams, four rounds, judged by the audience. Monday nights at the Comedy Bar (the website still says Clinton's, unfortunately.)
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The LCBO puts on a bunch of cool cooking classes.

Also, sorry if this is a thread jack, but how does one procure a topless waitress in Toronto?
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Yeah, I'm kind of curious about that myself. Sounds like an interesting night.
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I've been thinking of running electronics classes (in Toronto, obviously).. With some guidance you would pick out an online project, and build it in my fully equipped lab, with me around to help make sure you get things right. I wouldn't mind some guinea pigs for a cut price (and I'd love to hear advice/opinion about it, though probably over email because it would be a pretty massive derail to put it here).
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the topless waitress serves drinks and food at the poker game... no need to "procure" her... just tip her when she brings you a drink...
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