Soviet Cowboy Fonts?
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I'm looking for the website of an Eastern-European, I think, designer & typographer who designed some cool-looking Western (cowboy-style) fonts with a former-Soviet-satellite flair. The site had scans of some of his sketchbooks. Anyone?
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Response by poster: Also if you know any other sources for sweet Western-style fonts I am profoundly interested. Thanks!
posted by ITheCosmos at 7:02 PM on January 5, 2009

I presume you don't mean Eduardo Recife? Because he's not Eastern European.
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Response by poster: That wasn't it, but his stuff is awesome, thanks!
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Andrei Zhitkov?
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Best answer: Or maybe it's Fiodor Sumkin or Lyubov Kuznetsova?

(I'm getting all these names from this page, by the way, which seems to be a collection of designers of Western-style typefaces.)
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Response by poster: Fiodor Sumkin was the one I was looking for! Thanks so much for turning my vague question into a wonderful fonty reality.
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