How do I make those insulated patio covers?
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Advice on making those insulated plastic patio covers?

Hey, I am working with a buddy to build some off those heavy plastic insulated patio covers for a local bar. Basically, theres a covered patio thats awesome in the summertime and unusable in the winter because it's too cold. I wanted to know if anyone had any advice for putting these together. Has anyone ever made these before?

Basically they are long sheets of heavy plastic that hang from the ceiling and velcro together. I can't find any good pics online so maybe I'm calling them the wrong thing but it's pretty simple-- think screened in porch only instead of screens you have plastic to keep the heat in.
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I would call tarp makers and sellers. If they can't take thick clear plastic, hem and velcro and eyelet it, they'll know who can.
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