Arepas in Manhattan?
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Desperately seeking arepas in Manhattan

Where can I find arepas in Manhattan? The closer to West End & 86th the better.
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I would pose this question on Not only will you get a quicker answer, a search through their archives will give you many options to try I'm sure.
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It's not that close, but this place is great. On preview, yeah... that place.
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You'll need to leave the Upper West Side for arepas. Caracas Arepas Bar is probably the most famous place to get them in NYC because it often ends up on "cheap eats" lists and is one of the few places serving them in Manhattan. They recently opened up a 2nd location in Brooklyn (Williamsburg). But given that you are coming from the UWS, El Cocotero, 228 West 18th Street (between 7th and 8th) might be more convenient for you.

If you travel out a bit, you have more options, such as the Arepa Lady in Queens. I would also keep an eye out on the Red Hook Ballfield Vendors when they return in the summer. The Colombian food vendor has arepas, however, I think that the other stuff there from other vendors (agua fresca, ceviche, pupusas, elote) is better. Definitely worth the trip.

Here's a big list of where to find arepas in NYC (all boroughs).
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Hell, I'm in DC, and I've been to that place.
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You could come to the Arepa Bar in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Less attitude than Williamsburg.
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I don't have a lot of experience with arepas or with NYC cuisine, but when I was living there last summer I got one at one of those street fairs that are always around. Specifically, I think it was the Romainian festival or something like that all the way down Broadway near Battery Park. Since those street fairs tend to be pretty much the same wherever they happen to be set up, you might try looking there.
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Those are "mozzarepas" which is not exactly the same thing. But yes, they sell them at nearly every single street fair because every street fair is put on by the same management company. Mozzarepas come frozen and the vendors warm them up.
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