Nokia is now telling me to eat less, why?
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My phone (Nokia 6230i) has started giving me tips (which started tonight at 00:06 on the 01/01/09). When I turn on my phone, enter my PIN number and once it's got past the obligatory Nokia splash screen it gives me this tip: Tip Of The Day: Don't Eat Too Much! and here's the photo for you (sorry for the rubbish quality). Can some explain to me what the hell is going on?
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Best answer: If it's always the same thing, I wonder if a friend set a welcome note for you as a joke.
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Response by poster: thanks for that, problem solved and the friend fessed up.
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Also for reference, many times carriers will put a welcome message into the SIM card. For instance, in Greece, Vodafone says "Have a nice day!" or sometimes puts a message about some upcoming event.
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