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Russian-speakers: I have a question about a YouTube video, dubbed into Russian. The video stars Clint Eastwood, Clyde, Momma and a bag of Oreo cookies.

Here it is (YouTube 1:25. Safe For Work.)

So . . .

1. Is this actually in Russian?

2. If you're familiar with the scene, is this a good translation of the dialogue?

3. Lastly, how does one say “Oreo Cookies” and “Bang!” in Russian?

Many thanks in advance and Happy New Year to you and yours!
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1. Yes.
2. From the English I hear under it, yes. This sounds like it's from one of the many American movies dubbed into Russian and shown on Russian TV.
3. I would say "печенья Орео" ("pechenyа Oreo"). But here they just say "печенья," which means "cookies." As for "Bang!," the scene doesn't translate it, but I'd say "бам" or "бабах."
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On preview, I'll just second nasreddin on the first two points.

3. My guess is the same, though Oreos don't seem to be marketed in Russian. Not sure about "bang!" - maybe "бац!" though that isn't strictly gunpowder-related.
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OK, great!

Thanks, guys!
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Figuring that the best place for finding a Russian "Bang!" would be in a comic book, searching google for "russian comics", led me to comics.ru, on which I found this page, in which a character fires a gun to the sound of "ba-bach," which is what nasreddin wrote ("бабах").
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