I want to ring in the new year right.
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What should my friend and I do in Chicago for New Year's Eve? I am not yet 21 and dancing is not a viable option. I want anything from event suggestions to an adventure we can create for ourselves.

So far the ideas I have include:

Cooking something fabulous and finding someplace by the lake to watch the fireworks over Navy Pier.

Finding a great neighborhood where there are non-bar-related things going on and just walking around.

Bonus points for things we can do on student budgets, things accessible by public transportation, and great music.
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How about a scavenger hunt?
Found these on a quick google.
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The French electronica duo Justice will be playing in Chicago that night.
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finding someplace by the lake to watch the fireworks over Navy Pier.

Navy Pier is someone's version of Hell. That said, if you haven't gone there for at least one New Years, you should. It's not unbearably crowded on New Years, and there may actually be some event there that interests you, though I'm sure many things are already sold out.
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Check to see if the observatory at the Hancock will be open. Many, many years ago I was up there to see the 4th of July fireworks (which IIRC take place on the 3rd) and it was UNBELIEVABLY cool to see them at eye level.
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Note: After 8PM, Riding the El will cost One Penny.

Navy Pier will be a madhouse, but a fun one, and hey, fireworks.

Early in the evening, I think Lincoln Park Zoo will be open late, and all lit up, 5PM to 9PM.
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I meant finding somewhere NOT Navy Pier to watch them -- they'll be visible from the lakeside trail southwards. Navy Pier is indeed someone's version of Hell -- mine.
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