What was this thing? I remember coloring Spider Man..
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Help me remember what this thing was I got as a Christmas gift as a child. It was a sort of video coloring book console.

I don't remember much unfortunately. It used cartridges that had the images you would paint, and the controller was a fairly standard joystick but had a color selector. I remember REALLY REALLY wanting one. Getting it, and then getting very bored by December 26th.
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You're not thinking of the Video Painter, are you? It actually had a tablet, instead of a joystick...
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Best answer: No, but somee Googling the name VideoPainter brought me to what it was: the LJN VideoArt
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I had one of those. It was infuriating trying to draw anything with the joystick.
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I had one too. It barely worked.
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Crazy! I had the Video Painter and but I could never remember what it was called - I was going ask!
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Response by poster: Here's a better image of the box with a good view of the "You're supposed to draw with this?" joystick. If I remember correctly, I had my mom take it back the next day to trade it in for some board games. I wanted it sooooo bad, but it really was a hunk of garbage.

In retrospect, a bratty move.
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