Apache proxy module for RSS/ATOM feeds
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I am new to this and need to get this done soon. So I would really appreciate some advice. I am trying to setup a reverse proxy for our intranet and have been playing around with mod_proxy and mod_proxy_html for Apache. It all seems to work on regular html pages fine. But when I get to RSS/ATOM feeds mod_proxy_html does not seem to work. Any advise how can I do it ? I saw there is something called mod_proxy_xml. But not sure it will do the job and I dont have a build setup to quickly build it for Ubuntu. Would really appreciate some tips and pointers. I am sure others have done this already.
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You mention a reverse proxy but you say it's for your intranet. Proxies are outbound, reverse proxies inbound. Are you trying to set up a proxy for people on your intranet to access the Internet, a proxy to load-balance a HTTP server on your intranet, or an HTTP(S, I hope) method for employees to access sites on your intranet from the Internet with authentication?

You said "mod_proxy_html" doesn't seem to work. What do you expect to happen, and what actually happens? Are there any error messages you can post from the access_log and error_log?
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Response by poster: this is for accessing a bunch servers behind the publicly visible reverse_proxy server. so the hidden servers are mapped to the visible server namespace. The URLs in HTTP headers are mapped fine with mod_proxy, the URLs in html content are mapped fine by mod_proxy_html. Apparently mod_proxy_html can only work with HTML and XHTML content. I need something that can do the same for RSS/ATOM content because mod_proxy_html leaves that URLs untouched when the content is run through it.
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