Skin specialist in Melbourne AU?
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Can anyone personally recommend a skin specialist in Melbourne, Australia?

I wondered if anyone could recommend a good skin specialist in Melbourne (AU) for a VERY difficult elderly relative who has a history of nasty spots needing removal. Someone with good people skills who is prepared to explain everything in great detail. Alternatively- how can I find such a one? I'm afraid I don't know how to google for personal recommendations. His GP has apparently run out of suggestions (all were rejected) and/or saint-like patience- it had to happen eventually.

If it feels weird to post your recs here, there's always MeFi mail or email: coati dot cass at gmail dot com.
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wow, yes! i can't believe i could answer this one- in part. there is a guy in kew that i saw for reasons i wont disclose. only i dont know his name right now because i am in china. i will try and find out overnight and get back to you.
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Thanks edtut.
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Dr David Gill and he is located at 71 Mayston Street Hawthorn East 9811 6500
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Just to follow this up (finally!). My relative saw Dr Gill recently and was very pleased with both his "bedside manner" and professional skill, so thank again edtut. Another score for AskMe. I didn't tell him this was via the internet... you were explained as a friend of a friend.
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