Help building some lego stuff.
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Legofilter: Does anybody know where I could find lego plans for various sets? I'm not looking for the instructions that come with the sets, I'm looking for plans that people have created on their own using various sets.

I recently bought my son the Lego rescue set (6164). On the box is some stuff that are not included in the instructions (a hospital, a big fire truck, and other various stuff, see this here, here and here). Does anybody know if instructions exist for these models? (they do look as if they could be built with the 6164 set.) I have found a couple of lego sites (legoat) but they don't have what I'm looking for.
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Best answer: The Lego digital design program will give you access to all the models people have developed, 3D models of the designs, and instructions on building them.
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Paging Legomancer to the thread.
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I came in to mention legoat, and also to let you know that people do sell Lego instructions on eBay.

What you are seeing, though, are inspirational ideas, not actual sets with instructions. The idea is something like: when you get bored playing with this set, why not turn it into one of these?

Once upon a time, Lego did this with every single set they sold, but now they only do it with some. Anyway, these other suggestions are meant to get the ball rolling, not to be formal sets, so there are no instructions.

If you wanted to make some instructions for them, and give those instructions to your kids, you could do that in a pretty professional looking way using Lego Digital Designer (Mac or PC, free download, free use). You would still have to figure out how to build the stuff in the pictures, but once you nailed it down, there is a single button that will not only create a building guide for you, it will let you chose the number of bricks per step, and also let you print directly.

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so - this isn't what you asked for, but maybe a get the ball rolling sort of page.

scans of lego instructions dating back to the 50s
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Try here, although it isn't loading for me right now.
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Lots of great links: here

This is "my own creations": MOC

'Nother good resource: Lugnet
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