Buying Democrata shoes in the US?
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Can anyone direct me to a source for Democrata (men's) shoes in the US? Or a way to order a few of the shoes from Brazil?

I'm looking for a particular style that I bought at a Comfort One store in the DC area about 2 years ago. They stopped carrying the style and my online searching yields only a few places that carry Democrata, and those sources never seem to have more than a few pairs. Any ideas on a source that would have a good selection of styles or from which I could order the particular style I want?
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I bought mine at that exact store. There are like three at that same area in DuPont Circle. Did you try all three.
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Thanks for the response, Ironmouth. They called around for me a few months ago, and none of the stores had what I'm looking for. I've also kept an occasional eye on Comfort One's web site, but no luck. The style I'm looking for is on the dressy side -- a slip-on, but with a sole that isn't all rubber -- and Comfort One seems to be carrying more casual styles these days.
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