Swing in Bogota
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Swing dancing in Bogota, Colombia?

I'm in Bogota with extended family for a little over a week. I got here the 15th and I leave the 26th, and last night I met a very cool young lady my age (20). I'd love to take her swing dancing, but Google has been no help to me and my friends and family here have never even heard of swing.

I know enough spanish to get by, though I sometimes sound like a complete idiot. I know how to get to any address in Bogota, and I'm not afraid to go south but I'd prefer not to.
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not much swing there i'm afraid - you specifically want swing because you know how to dance it, or you just want any kind of good couples dancing? whre are you staying?
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Response by poster: I was looking for Swing mostly because I'm always the one who has no f***ing clue what I'm doing when I go out with people here, and I thought it would be fun to turn that around :)

I'm staying at carrera 10a con 120 (close to Unicentro), but I'm willing to venture out to most areas. If you have any suggestions (doesn't have to be Swing, maybe just something semi-underground, i.e. not parque 93), let me know.
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