Did the Onion invent the Reagan Pyramid?
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Is this story from the Onion the original source for the idea of building a pyramid to honour Ronald Reagan and interring Bush I with him in it? I feel like the idea goes back to the eighties... punk song? zine?

"Buried with Reagan will be his finest treasures," Meese said, "including 2,500 MX intercontinental ballistic missiles, 15 Stealth bombers, a golden chalice of jelly beans and his most prized servant, George Bush."

Bush told reporters, "It is my honor and duty to have my sinus passages ceremonially packed with sand before my still-living, pain-racked body is forever locked with my leader's within the Great Reagan's final resting place. Let us all praise Osiris."
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A pyramid specifically?

There is the Reagan Legacy Project, which aims to name "significant public landmarks after President Reagan in the 50 states and over 3,000 counties of the United States, as well as in formerly communist countries across the world."

And there was a serious proposal for a Reagan Memorial on the National Mall, nixed by the Bush 43 administration and the National Capital Monuments Commission, which by law must wait 25 years after someone dies before erecting anything.
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