I need book bag buying help!!!
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Cluelesshusbandfilter: Ladies! Help a semi-clueless husband find a book bag for his lovely wife!!!

Okay, so my wife, who is in her mid 30's and has a vintage sense of style but has since outgrown her previously more outrageous vintage sense of style, wants a nice, fashionable, hip, classy, not insanely expensive book bag to use for work. This will be a late Christmas present.

She says "No gold chains, nothing cute."

She is quite tall which she seems to think is a factor in the equation.

So, I need websites, lots of websites, that sell this sort of item.
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Are you thinking messenger bag, tote bag, backpack?
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If she likes vintage, she might like these old Pan Am style bags from Kolobags. If that is too cute, there are some vintage look bags at ModCloth.com.
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Holly Aiken.
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If Holly Aiken is too colorful, or too youthful, you can't go wrong with Cole Haan or something similar.

If it's made of quality leather, and has clean lines, it will be something she will use for years to come.

LL Bean even makes leather totes. I'd love to own this in dark brown. I'd use this for years.

This is really nice. So is this.

Good luck.
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It sounds like your wife and I have similar tastes and I really love Queen Bee bags. They are extremely durable and well made. I am also tall and the straps adjust very easily. This is a nice all-purpose bag I'm coveting that she may like too, or this one. This is a different style but similar to one I already have that I think is quite nice. Good luck!
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I'll add one note to the data-stream: Several women (I'm a guy) have expressed jealousy of the utility of my messenger bag, which I use for my laptop and many other items. They particularly like the long, easily adjustable strap with allows me to sling it over one shoulder and across my chest. Shorter non-messenger-bag style straps result in constant hiking of the strap back onto the shoulder, and make impossible to truly have your hands free. Plus, a messenger bag allows you to swing the bag in front to access it without taking it off and on. Messenger bags may not be right for every woman. (The "across the chest" part can be of varying comfort.) But, if she doesn't want to wear it in this way, she can just shorten the strap and use it like any other shoulder bag.
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Well, she could always get a Book Bag made from a real book.
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Response by poster: OK, thank you to everyone! I think a messenger bag might be the way to go. Further ideas?
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Jack Spade?
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I like the bags from Crystalyn Kae and Orla Kiely.
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to misquote the Little Britain guys, 'I'm not a lady', but FWIW the book bag that's garnered me the most unsolicited admiring comments is the London Library's book bag, details available here.
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Vy & Elle make fabulous bags of all kinds out of recycled billboards. I have people constantly asking me where I got my messenger bag & wallet.
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I love my Queen Bee bag too! It's a small one, but their larger bags are just as cute.
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I found a vintage leather Coach briefcase/attache on eBay that is killer awesome. So you might want to look around for something similar- classically styled, no unneccessary bling, etc.
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