I don't want to get towed!
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Is Canner St in New Haven a snow emergency street?

Trying not to get towed. This PDF from the City of New Haven says it's not, but the signs on the actual street say it is. And we are currently on Snow Emergency.

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I'd follow signs and just go move your car.

and look at this.
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Response by poster: Well that's the site where I got that PDF from and it says Canner is NOT a snow emergency street. I looked and there are other cars on the street.
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Can you just call 311?
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Note that part of the file name of that PDF is 2004, so it might be outdated, like so many resources on the web. Good luck!
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Yeah, go with the signs. I don't think the tow truck operators are going to bust out a PDF.
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Follow the signs, not the PDF. In fact, try finding someone with a driveway you can use. Those assholes will tow you to Fair Haven.
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Response by poster: No 203 area code phone in the house, so no 311. Good to note the date on the PDF.

The easiest thing would be to move my car, but there have been car thefts in the neighborhood so I'm doing my best to keep it in front of the house. I think what I'm really looking for here is first-hand knowledge of snow emergencies in New Haven.
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Response by poster: Didn't mean to post that last comment. I'm off ot move my car. At least the snow is pretty!
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Response by poster: Problem solved: Canner is NOT a through street, but, like all other residential streets, its snow emergency parking rules are:

When announced by the Mayor, the parking ban during emergencies is generally as follows:
1.) no parking on either side of the streets in the nine downtown squares;
2.) no parking on either side of the permanently posted snow emergency routes;
3.) no parking on the odd side (the side with street numbers that are odd) of all other streets.

I found that information on New Haven's 311 Ask site. I was on the even side of the street so I just moved my car to the other side where I can still see it! Thanks for your help on a small (but possibly expensive) problem.
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Best answer: My street (Eld) is snow emergency on the one side but not the other. I'm guessing that is the case with Canner too. Have you checked the signs on both sides of the street? Also, like Canner, Eld doesn't show on that pdf.
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In future, you could also call the reference librarian at the public library. Or the city clerk's office - but the librarian would probably be faster.
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You've already found your answer, but try calling 311 just to see if it works, for the next time you need it. It'll probably have a recording when you first call, so you won't have to actually bother a human. I have a 203 phone (I'm from Bridgeport), but I live in Queens, NY. When I call 311, I get NYC 311 - I've called several times since I moved here in 05.

I *believe* that the call is placed based where you're calling from. It seems to work for normal phone numbers too. Like, if I'm in Queens and try to call mom without dialing 203, it won't go through. Do the same thing while I'm physically in 203, and it works fine. I learned this the hard way when I first moved here. Every time I tried to call friends in 203, it wouldn't go through because their numbers didn't have the area code in my phone book.

(I'm on Verizon.)
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