Bonne année!
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We'll be in Paris for 3 days around New Year's Eve, so I am looking for 3 restaurants reasonably priced (around 30 euros). Our hotel is in Le Marais. We enjoy no frills fresh produce simply cooked with flair.
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Is that 30 Euros per head (assuming so?) or per meal?
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Response by poster: Per head.
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Best answer: Well, it's slightly above your budget (especially if drinking wine), but we had a meal at La Petit Pontoise last Friday night that was fan-bloody-tastic. Might be worth it for a last-night splurge, or you could just have mains and comfortably keep the cost down to 20-30 Euros. We had a bottle of wine, shared a starter, two mains (the chicken and I splurged on the AMAZING steak), two desserts and coffee, and that came to just over 100 Euro. Seriously, best food I've had in a long time, the owners run the joint and serve you and are very nice, and it's got a great atmosphere. To give you an idea of the quality of the food, the cheapest main course was the chicken at 17.50 Euro, and my wife said it was the best she'd ever tasted (having worked in fine dining for ten years).

Otherwise, there are dozens of brasseries that will do you an acceptable meal for sub-30 Euros, just steer clear of ordering pints of beer, they're absurdly expensive in Paris. Wine is the way to go.

Also, the folks over at Chowhound have lots of recommendations for various budgets. That's where I looked when I was trying to find somewhere in our hotel last week!
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Best answer: Chez Gladines (Basque) is worth the trip, but get there early if you go for dinner. I recommend the big ass salads with liver.

Friends have said the couscous across the street is one of the best in Paris, but I feel it has slipped considerably, and it was always merely backup for Chez Gladines being full. You can find some great Traiteurs (French delis) in le Marais, so you could buy interesting French food for lunch & cary it while site seeing.

Paris does not have the high average level of food of say Lyon, but good French food can be found for reasonable price. Just avoid the horrible kebab and asian cuisine; never once seen a good traiteur chinois (over priced chinese takeaway).
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Au Bon Coin, near the Jules Joffrin stop in the 18th--shared a salade auvergnate, confit de canard, a bottle of delicious and moderately priced wine and two desserts for about 35 euros a pop. French language skills are a necessity, though, as the menu is inscribed in chalk and when the waiter comes you must know what you want...
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You could have falafel at L'As du Falafel one night for E5 which would bump up your budgets for the other nights. (And oh, it is goood!). I would also consider having big lunches and small dinners - lots of restaurants offer set lunch menus that can be much better value for money, so you'll get more for your E30. I've heart Chez Gladines is excellent too, so 2nding that one.
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Best answer: I think the best meal I've ever had was at Chez Michel.

Some friends are going to Paris for the New Year and are eating at L'Arpège. Not sure about the price.
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Best answer: Maybe a little above your budget, but Au Bascou, 38 Rue Réaumur, is well worth it.
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Btw, Chez Gladines won't cost 30 euros per head, say 20ish including minimal wine, portions are huge, etc. Bad part is you'll wait 30+ min if there is a crowd. Oh, I'm serious about the French delis (traiteurs), you can get some great stuff there.
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Best answer: Au Gamin de Paris is an informal, friendly and inexpensive place in the Marais that does the most excellent marmelade de figues which they serve with warm goats cheese salad (starter) or roast duck breast as a main. Yum!
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