Dealing with breast tenderness?
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Dealing with breast tenderness?

Oh dear god for the past few months I have had painfully tender breasts just after ovulation and until my period arrives. I've spoken to my doctor who advises that, as I suspected, it's due to big hormonal fluctuations and my age (early 30s). He recommended lowering my fat and salt intake as well as eliminating as much caffeine and alcohol as possible. No problem.

Have you found that anything else has worked for you? Fabulous naturopathic remedies? Supplements? Other dietary or exercise changes? My breasts thanks you in advance.
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I used to have this problem, and mentioned it to my gynecologist. She said that she advises her patients to take 1000 IU of Vitamin E every day to fix it. I started doing that, and it worked! I have no idea why it worked, but I was thankful.
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A really, really supportive brassiere.
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not using products containing lavender and tea tree oils ? (Which apparently are so estrogenic they will grow boobs on boys. No mention of tenderness though...)
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I've never tried it, but I've heard that Evening Primrose Oil can relieve some breast tenderness.

I had always suffered from terrible pain and swelling (a whole cup size!) right before my period. The thing that was most effective for me was losing a small amount of weight - less than 8% of my body weight. I still have very small fluctuations in size, but no pain. If my weight climbs by even a few pounds, I notice the difference during my next period.

I do exercise 5-6 days a week, various forms of cardio, weights, and body weight exercises. I use a super supportive Enell bra.
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Bathing in a hot bath rather than showering, particularly taking a hot bath at night if it bothers you when you try to sleep. I mean, assuming you can adequately submerge yourself (I live in the USA and long for a Japanese-style tub, but never mind that).

Good luck!
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I took Evening Primrose Oil and it helped a lot!
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I'm with 26.2 - a good bra goes a long way. I have this exact problem, even though I'm taking BC. The girls grow at least a cup size, or to the point where people notice. I'm a triathlete and running can become pretty uncomfortable, but I just suck it up. Evening Primose hasn't really made a long term diff, but I'm going to try Peep's weight loss advice, I don't have that much to lose, but I'm interested to see if it works.
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nth the Vitamin E and a good bra. I always regret removing mine ... you know, right after I remove it.
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Evening Primrose Oil, Vitamin E, and losing a little weight (I could stand to lose 4-5% of my body weight. Good New Year's Resolution). Great suggestions - thanks all!
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