How do I fill a database with all commonly available wines?
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I am thinking of making a simple wine-tracking website. The website would allow users to search for specific types of wine and add them to their "list". Where can I get data for all common wines?

I'd like to store it in a database that can be searched. Obviously, I don't want users manually entering data because it is inefficient and error-prone. Can I buy this data from someone? In general, how does one go about acquiring database data? Thanks!
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Do you mean pinot/syrah/merlot? Or Actual vintner/year/etc. ?

Cork'd did the latter by initially licensing data on from, and subsequently allowing users to enter their own data. In their own words: "We have a partnership set up through, where a selection of their bottles have seeded the Cork’d database with about 1200 wines (which will grow as members add their own bottles)"
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Response by poster: Thanks for your reply!

I would want to do something similar to cork'd by seeding my databases. The database would have records that were specific wines (winery, vintage, average price, type, ...). So I guess this can't be done for free without adding them manually....
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