what the name of this early first-person shooter?
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what is the name of an early first-person shooter where in one stage you must race against the clock and a good way to save time is by crossing a huge grass field, only, when you cross it you get killed by a huge serpent monster?
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I want to say its Duke Nukem but it has been a very, very long time since I've played it and I've played a whole bunch of FPS games since.
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There's no scene like that in DN3D.
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This reminds me vaguely of a scene from Space Quest 3, which is an adventure game, not a shooter. You land on a planet and if you turn left off the bat you get gobbled. Later on that planet there is a race, because a terminator-style robot shows up and you have to outrun him. Just a thought.
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Catacomb Abyss?
Chasm: The Rift?

Just throwing a few out there in case anything triggers your memory.
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Space Harrier?
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Killing Time? (It had loads of strange monsters - including a chef who tried to stab you with a knife all the time)
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It's an RPG, but if you try to run across a grass field early in Final Fantasy 7, you are caught by a giant serpent called a Midgar Zolom. It can technically be defeated but will kill most players. You can out run it with a chocobo. Afterwards, you see one impaled by the enemy you are tracking, Sephiroth. The point is to show you just how strong Sephiroth is.
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Serious Sam?
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Definately Serious Sam.
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