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What is the best iPod Touch (yes, technically iPhone as well) app for weight loss? Weight loss graphs, eating log (with calorie count), and anything else that can motivate a guy obsessed with data-tracking and chart-making.

As a caveat, you must know that I have an iPod Touch, not an iPhone--this means that I can still use just about any app, but anything that requires an active internet connection will be frowned upon, as I'm not always in Wi-Fi range.
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If you're following some sort of plan like Weight Watchers or Atkins that requires you to tally up Points, Carbs, etc I would recommend Edibles. The LiveStrong Iphone App is quite handy for a food database (pulled from The Daily Plate) and calorie tracking, but it relies very heavily on a network connection. I'm not aware of any food databases that will be built into the app but maybe others have some suggestions.
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You may have to jury rig a combo of software:

* Edibles -- good food journal that works with ww points (flex, 1-2-3 success and core); calories or carbs. It can be tweaked to provide you with a more cust fit. It will also do *cough* calculations from various disciplines of dieting. It keeps a history of entries for the truly obsessive;

* HanDBase -- is a relational database that has available the points, calories and nutrition databases for look up and more importantly as a database can be used to design something more custom. If you have a lot of old databases using the pdb or prc file type this maybe handy;

are the two that I use. Now there is other software that will allow you to be obsessive about your exercise, bmi and weight but I have not tried those yet.
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I like Lose It! myself. it has a calorie database, exercise database, and you can enter your daily weight. I use it for food journaling, exercise journaling, and weight journaling. It is very calorie oriented, which will work well for you. You can enter recipes and it will determine the calories in that recipe, and it has a lot of chain restaurant foods as well. Plus it's free right now (they said for first 6 mos) which was right up my alley. It turned out to be the only ap I use for this.
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I like Lose It! a lot too, plus Weightbot for neat little graphs and stuff. I'm not sure that LI doesn't need a network connection at least for the database though (but it's well worth a look).
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Pretty sure LI doesn't need a network. Yesterday AT&T's data was down in our area and nothing worked, but Lose It worked fine.
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