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Do you have any recommendations for DC Jewelers who will work with a small budget (and have sapphires and moissanites in stock)?

I've seen this thread, and I plan to visit the recommendations, but it's also several years old and I have a more specific request, so I thought I'd see if anyone had any updated recommendations on jewelry stores that can work with me and my fiance to create a beautiful engagement ring on a budget (currently wearing a placeholder, which was sweet of him). We are specifically looking for someone who would have white or light colored sapphires or moissanite in stock for us to take a look at. We live in DC so closer is preferable, but of course we're willing to travel to the suburbs because DC proper is likely more expensive. Thanks so much!
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Still recommending Washington Diamond. They've got lots of pretty colored stones, although I don't know about white sapphires. Give them a call and I'm sure they can tell you before you make the trip.
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We had some custom rings made by David at Gold Works in Alexandria and were very happy with the quality and price.
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