Why is text in Firefox so ugly?
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Why is text in Firefox so damn ugly and is there anything, from a design perspective, that I can do about it? (Okay, text in FF may not be ugly, exactly, but it doesn't compare to IE, Opera, or Safari.) I'm making a website for a friend, and he's complained that in FF the text isn't 'pretty'. Since FF is all I use, it looks great to me - but damn if he isn't right that the copy looks sharper./smoother in other browsers. Whassup with that?
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I don't see it...
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Best answer: Sounds like your friend is used to IE7's anti-aliasing/ClearType.

IE7 turns on "font smoothing" by default which is just ClearType. You can turn on Cleartype in XP very easily. I suggest the ClearType tuner here. That will smooth all fonts for all applications, not just firefox.

If youre using linux then you'll need to download some better fonts.
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As for Safari, it has its own font smoothing engine (the same one in Mac OS).
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This is a little old but it might help explain a few things:

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I've seen an extreme version of this issue occur with a simple web site knocked together with Microsoft Frontpage. Turned out that Frontpage was generating two different versions of every page: a proper HTML version, which it used IE conditional comments to display if your browser was IE, and a totally hideous pre-rendered PNG of the entire page for every other browser.

I responded by banning the use of Frontpage at our site and force-installing Nvu (now maintained as KomPozer) on all workstations. No, I don't care if you can turn that idiot behaviour off. I don't even care if it's easy to turn off.
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Its all a matter of perspective - I much prefer the sharp/crisp text in FF vs the blurry fake anti-aliased text in IE or Safari.
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I agree with you totally. Text in safari or IE simply looks a lot better and has a more "printed" feel to it.

I dont think it has to do so much with the antialiasing engine as placement of the individual letters.
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