MS Word overwrite function is failing
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MS Word 2003 on XP is misbehaving. (I must have hit some Clever Keys in error and now do not now how to get back.)

Time was, if I wrote a mistake, I could highlight the error, type the new improved version directly, and the new improved version would automatically displace the old bad version.

No more. Now if I highlight and type, I get both old and new side by side and have to delete the old part by hand. (That is to say, if I wrote “Now is the tome”, high light “tome”, type in “time”, the final product will be “now is the timetome”)

(Hitting insert is not the solution. That simply lets me type over the same number of characters highlighted. I want to be able to highlight a full paragraph, type in one word, and have the one word displace everything. Liek I used to.)

It is not doing this in Outlook.
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Best answer: Tools > Options > Edit tab and check the box that says 'typing replaces selection'.
posted by Happy Dave at 6:02 AM on December 9, 2008

Response by poster: Words cannot express my gratitude. Now no matter what happens today, my day is a success. Good on you.
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Well that's my satisfied glow for the day. Glad to help.
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