Kobe Beef in San Jose?
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Anybody know a good place to try Kobe beef in the San Jose area? [pink on the inside]

With all of the press about the $100 Cheesesteak last week, I've decided I've got to try a taste of this Kobe beef stuff. Looking for a place in the San Jose area (I could go to SF, if necessary, but would rather not) to get an ideal specimen. Willing to pay for it, but would like assurance that they actually do a good job with it, rather than just having it on the menu. I'm open to steaks, burgers, tartare, etc. - whatever you think would be the perfect way to experience Kobe beef for the first time.
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You're in luck! There's a Kobe Steakhouse at 2086 El Camino Real, Santa Clara.
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Oh, wait. That was a sushi place named Kobe.
The Kobe Steakhouse is in Rancho Mirage, but the Arcadia restaurant at the San Jose Marriott serves Kobe beef as well.
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This isn't an answer, but I'll just say: I had my first Kobe steak a couple of weeks ago, and it was as tender as and more flavorful than a filet - but less flavorful than the best rib-eyes. I'm glad I got the experience out of the way, but I wouldn't again skip a serious rib-eye for a Kobe, even for equal money instead of at twice the price.

Also, Taleggio is Italian for "smells like feet" and could only defile a cheesesteak.
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I was out to dinner the other night and the waitress brought a Kobe Beef burger that noone had ordered. I couldn't help but comment that it was the burger that comes, even when you don't ask for it.
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My husband and I tried Wagyu beef, which is Kobe-style beef from American cows, at Seattle's Canlis Restaurant last week. (Click on that first link for my pal Jon's story abot Wagyu beef.)

It was great beef, almost nutty in flavor. But my husband had a whole entree of it whereas I had a regular filet, and really? Not that much difference...
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