how do i find out my lost social security number?
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I've lost my social security number. I'm not american, but i lived there once and had an ssn. I'm in australia, not in the united states, so i can't walk to a social security office and show them my id. How can I find out my what my number was?

My social security card was stolen many years ago by a housemate's boyfriend, who for reasons know only to him, also stole my socks and my toothbrush. Not long after than I lost pretty much everything I owned while I was out of the country, so all my records from that time are gone.
(it was a bad year for property retention i guess)
I now need to know the number and given that the nearest social security office is in the us embassy in The Philippines I was wondering if there is an easier way than dealing with a busy office in another time zone. I tried one online service that claimed to be free but then wanted wanted credit card dollars to register.

any suggestions?

thanks for your help
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Perhaps this link to Social Security online would be helpful.
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Unfortunately, I think you're going to need to go in person because you're going to need to show picture ID.

Otherwise they'll think you're trying to engage in identity theft yourself.
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If your parents are still alive, they may have records which show your number - college applications or transcripts, tax returns, etc.
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Did you happen to use an online tax service to file your U.S. taxes? If so, you should still have access to your account, and your SSN will be right there on your most recent tax return.

Scanning and archiving all important documents, including every single bank/insurance/SSN card in my family has turned out to be invaluable. Yes, you can actually enter the U.S. with a printout of a scanned permanent resident card!
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Try calling your last U.S. employer, they will not only have it on file, but they should recognize your voice and should be okay with giving it to you.
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